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At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center - Frisco, we’re dedicated to helping you improve your sexual health and wellness. We utilize ThermiVa and Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation systems to help restore and repair vaginal tissue.
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Stacey Butterfield
"I came in for a consultation with very little knowledge about fillers. Veronica (manager) was very helpful, knowledgeable, thorough, and honest from the start. She took the time to explain each type of filler and what would..."
Benaisha Karkaria
"I get laser hair removal with Linsey and she is awesome!! Cares about her patients and is so thorough! She goes above and beyond. Can’t say enough good things about her."
lindalou holden
"Staff is pleasant, informative, supportive, accommodating, right along with professional and skilled. Veronica spent tons of time to inform me of services and pricing options. Heather took great care while performing my..."

Rediscover Intimacy with Vaginal Rejuvenation!

At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center - Frisco, we understand that sexual health and wellness are essential aspects of a fulfilling life. Empowering women to embrace their bodies and feel confident is our mission. That's why we offer cutting-edge ThermiVa and Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation systems dedicated to restoring and repairing vaginal tissue. Experience the joy of intimate rejuvenation and reclaim your vitality with us!

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Unlocking the Science Behind Vaginal Rejuvenation

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring incredible joys but may also take a toll on your body. We believe every woman deserves to feel her best, which is why we bring you ThermiVa, an innovative vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Using gentle radio frequencies, ThermiVa precisely heats the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen contraction and tissue tightening. With minimal discomfort and downtime, this non-invasive procedure can be tailored to your unique needs, ensuring exceptional results. Discover a renewed sense of confidence and comfort with our specialized vaginal rejuvenation services today.

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Ready to embrace a new chapter of rejuvenation? Reach out to us for a consultation and experience the transformative benefits of ThermiVa and Viveve® vaginal rejuvenation. Our compassionate team at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center - Frisco is here to guide you, ensuring personalized treatment plans that address your specific goals. Experience revitalized intimacy and take charge of your sexual health today!

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